Our Story

Peaches & Herb’s first single, “We’re in This Thing Together” enjoyed modest success. Months later, St. Louis Disc Jockey,
“Robert B.Q. Picked up on the “B” side: “Let’s Fall in Love”. The song became a huge hit, and was the first of a string
of extraordinarily successful hits.

A series of 45 releases followed the “Date” label which included “Close Your Eyes”, “For Your Love” and the smash hit song
“Love is Strange” which established Peaches & Herb as international stars. The duet continued touring and recording through the late 60’s and in 1970 Peaches became a housewife and Herb went into law enforcement.

In 1978, after an eight-year hiatus, Herb, this time with a new Peaches, was at it again with Polydor/M.V.P. Records. Producer Freddie Perren took the group in the studio, and the result was the monster hit that became #4 in the world:

“Shake Your Groove Thing” in 1979.

Peaches & Herb were on top again, but not yet to the pinnacle,  which occurred in 1980 with one of the decade’s biggest hits, “Reunited”, which became #1 in the world. Their album “Twice the Fire” went gold and “Too Hot” went triple platinum. In 1981, Peaches & Herb released “I Pledge My Love”, which has been widely used as a wedding march and reached #6 in the world; and in 1982, “Bluer than Blue” became another top 40 hit.

Peaches & Herb have starred on most major television shows including

Dick Clark’s American Band Stand, Soul Train, Co-host Mike Douglas,

Merv Griffin, Hollywood Squares, and also hosted the Midnight Special.

In 1981, Peaches and Herb made history by performing on the Bob Hope

Special from Mainland China, making them the First 

African American entertainers to perform in China.

The 90’s back in demand Sony Records released their Greatest
Hits album. Peaches and Herb continue to be America’s
Sweethearts of Soul.